An Introduction to BTS: The Band the World Can’t Stop Talking About

An Introduction to BTS: The Band the World Can’t Stop Talking About

K-Pop sensations, BTS are making waves throughout the music industry all around the whole world. Hailing from South Korea, this band has seven members: Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. With an amazing social media track, they recently won the “Top Social Artist” at the Billboard Awards beating out Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, etc., and making them the first K-Pop group to do so.

In addition, they recently celebrated their 4th anniversary, where they released new cover songs, newly composed songs and much more for their fans. They also recently completed their completely sold-out world tour, where they visited countries like the USA, Japan, Brazil, Australia and more.

Despite all this, BTS always make sure to keep fans updated with their daily lives using social media. The members are very active on Twitter and also the V-App, a video streaming app. Accumulating more than 6 million followers, it’s no surprise that every time a member tweets, thousands of replies and likes follow. With all this new exposure, BTS and their team recently announced a rebranding with a new logo and a logo for their fan club, ARMY.

So what makes BTS special? Is it the likability and how they feel like the boys-next-door with how often they spend giving their fans content. Is it how passionate they are about music and producing? In the world of K-Pop, it’s actually kind of rare to have a group produce and write their own music (disclaimer: not saying it isn’t done, just rare). BTS have covered a lot of social issues in their music from the school system, struggles youths go through, depression and more. With their latest album release, Wings: You Never Walk Alone, each member had their own solo song and told their own stories with them. They also all took a part in the production of their solos, lyric writing, producing, composing, etc.

From rapping to singing to dancing, BTS seems to have the right package and marketability. It will be interesting to see what they will be doing in the future. Rumors of a new possible comeback and album have already been published with August being the tentative comeback month.

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