Seattle-based punk band MONSTERWATCH may be newcomers but we’re willing to bet they’ll be around for the long haul. The rockers’ debut EP Blabbermouth has been blaring through our headphones for months. We caught up with the band’s frontman, John Spinney, to talk about the band’s upcoming live shows, becoming a trio, and their time in the studio with legendary Nirvana producer, Steve Fisk.


RAJE: How did you meet and how long have you all been playing together?

MONSTERWATCH: Jack and I both grew up together in New Hampshire and played drums in different bands for awhile. Then he convinced me to move out to Seattle with him to start a band. We met Charles at a bar we started going to when we first moved here which was kind of nice because no one wants to do the Craigslist thing or throw up flyers with phone numbers on it.

RAJE:  You recently downsized from a 4-piece band to a 3-piece. Was it difficult to adjust?

MONSTERWATCH: Not really. It’s still a little touchy and awkward of a subject to reflect on right now. But sometimes artistic visions and/or perspectives just don’t line up or match with other people and that’s sort of what happened.  

RAJE: Has becoming a 3-piece band altered your sound in any way?

MONSTERWATCH: In a way, yes. When I’m working on a demo or showing the band the skeleton of a song it’s always arranged as just one guitar, bass and drums. So now we just have more room to work with and I think simplifying things has made the writing process a lot smoother and more cohesive. As far as playing live goes I think it makes our sound more percussive and open sounding if that makes sense haha.

RAJE: We reported on your studio session with the legendary Steve Fisk back in June. What was it like being in the studio with him?

MONSTERWATCH: Mr. Fisk is the man. He’s so easy to work and he really dialed in our sound. We tracked everything live in one room and in my opinion, he really captured the sound we’ve been trying to go for since we started this band.

RAJE: Your hometown of Seattle has been a key city for rock music. Do you feel like Seattle has 

Blabbermouth EP by MONSTERWATCHinfluenced your sound?

MONSTERWATCH: Absolutely. When I first moved here my taste in music was much different than it is now. Going to shows and hearing/seeing a variety of local bands has really had an impact on my musical preferences and writing. I think the same goes for Charles and Jack too.

RAJE: We love your Blabbermouth EP you released earlier this year. Should we expect new music from you guys anytime soon?

MONSTERWATCH: We’ll see haha. Yeah, we’re going to be putting out a few singles this fall with some music videos and all that fun stuff. No official dates yet or anything though.

RAJE: What’s something you always try to bring through in your live shows?

MONSTERWATCH: High energy for sure. We’ve had a few shows this year that have been so rad. It’s a really good feeling when the crowd is vibing right with the band. No matter how many people were playing to. It’s a hard thing for me to describe perfectly but if people are moving, smiling and having just as good of a time as we are then we’re stoked.

RAJE: Do you have any live shows coming up?

MONSTERWATCH: We have a headlining show at Barboza in Seattle on Sept 6th after that we’re gonna take a month or two off to finish up these new songs.
Watch a short clip of what a live show with MONSTERWATCH is like below.


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